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Thursday, November 23, 2006

photo post test two

Using the blog tool instead of photo bucket~~

Photo post test

Testing out this photo posting thing.

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The library

Well, here I set in the library, looking up info on how to reformat a hard drive. Yep, our computer is brain dead. I "Fdisked" it last night. Up till 1:00 AM trying to bring it back to life. By the way, I think "FDISK" may have two definitions. A beautiful fall Saturday morning and I have been in front of a computer screen all morning. But ya gotta have the computer!

So, dropped the wifes van off at the glass shop to get the mirror fixed and walked to the library. Pretty quiet in here this morning. I thought I would be lucky to get one of the internet computers, but no problem.

The library. Pretty good place to people watch. Everything from scholars to the homeless. The guy on the computer left of me is playing a crossword puzzle. The guy on the right is watching video clips. Internet. Work, play, communicate.

About had enough of this for one day. The mirror should be about ready, and my eyes are crossing from so much screen time. Later.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

First time for every thing

Was in my first auto accident today. Was not driving, but was in the passenger seat. Went to lunch with my boss in his BRAND NEW car. An older lady just plain pulled out of a parking lot into our side as we drove by. No one was really hurt, shaken a bit though. I can feel where my seat belt held me, but fine otherwise. Sure feel sorry for my boss though. Brand new. Bummer.

The tree? All cleaned up. Now I can worry about any number of other home projects.

Oh, the dog took a small dose of "skunk" this morning. The yard outside smells pretty skunky too. That sure is powerfull stuff.

Well, too nice of an evening to be setting here. Heading outside for a while.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Good ribs

Not to worry, the ribs were great. Nothing like trying out something new for supper and then inviting guests! But turned out fine. Just getting to know my new smoker and already have some things to try next time. Some friends of ours have a very nice commercial grade electric smoker, thermostaticaly controlled. They can put a bunch of meat in it and walk away, come back in six, twelve hours or what ever and the meat is done. It uses some kind of wood pellets to make smoke with. To me, the words electric, and pellets are just out of place when talking about smoking meat. Yes, I have to baby set my tempature gauge and make adjustments, and add wood off and on throughout the day, but to me it is the more "manly" way to smoke, and also to me the meat is signifintly better. Anyway,

The tree clean up is done. Pleanty of more stuff to do around here though.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The tree

First things first. The tree. Here it is a week later, Saturday afternoon and it is almost cleaned up. Got up this morning a little late. After the football game last night didnt get to bed till midnight or so. So, slept in till almost nine. Went and bought some hickory wood and built a fire in the new smoker. Been smoking ribs and picking up tree limbs since 11:00. This is our first attempt at smoking with a "Texas Style" smoker. Hope the turn out ok because we have invited Cecil and Debbie over for supper tonight. Guess we can always run to Hog Wild if our turn out bad.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wednesday evening

Still got a yard full of tree limbs to trim up and haul off. Need to get right on that. Yep, sure do. May even splash some water on my face, change my cloths and go start. Yep, just might.

Heard on the radio a few minutes ago on the way home from work that some of the polls for the presidential race are basically even. That is totally amazing to me. Enough said, but it does bug me.
Big job tomorrow at work. Hope I bid it right. Hope I can sleep tonight. Bid too high, don't get the job at all. Bid too low, and then wish you had bid too high. Fine line.
Ok, off to change and get on the yard. Later.

Good Morning!

Went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept all night. Just have to do that from time to time. Feels pretty good to feel pretty good in the morning instead of so draggy.

So, now with a left over grilled pork chop, breakfast bar, OJ and coffee, all I need is my shoes and socks to be ready to head out the door to tackle another day. The news will have the latest on how great John Kerry is wich we all know is a bunch of crap, and I won't be in the mood for music yet, so since I like a little quiet time on the way to work, radio off. I will be the first one to open up when I get there shortly before 7:00 and have coffee made and ready for when the others get there pretty much at strait up 7:00. I hate to be right on time. I like being a tad early.

Better get those shoes and socks on. Later.

Monday, September 20, 2004


My second blog. Been home from work long enough to have had a grilled pork chop and a shower. Next up for the evening is Monday Night Football. Yeah, they say the ratings numbers are down on MNF, but I remember it from its hey day. Watching Dandy Don, Howard and Frank with my Dad eating popcorn. Very nice.

Cut down a large dead tree in the front yard Saturday, but it just going to have to lay there. Like I said, had a shower and supper already. Brain dead from work anyway. Not to be confused with a bad day at work, but just brain fried. Some manuel labor would probably be a good thing, but like I said, (twice now,) had supper and a shower. And only an hour away from Monday Night Football. Forget the tree.

Dang, the phone just rang and I got to run back to work long enough to unlock the gate and let some guys from our Ok. terminal in. Guess I better shed my pjs. Later.