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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Good ribs

Not to worry, the ribs were great. Nothing like trying out something new for supper and then inviting guests! But turned out fine. Just getting to know my new smoker and already have some things to try next time. Some friends of ours have a very nice commercial grade electric smoker, thermostaticaly controlled. They can put a bunch of meat in it and walk away, come back in six, twelve hours or what ever and the meat is done. It uses some kind of wood pellets to make smoke with. To me, the words electric, and pellets are just out of place when talking about smoking meat. Yes, I have to baby set my tempature gauge and make adjustments, and add wood off and on throughout the day, but to me it is the more "manly" way to smoke, and also to me the meat is signifintly better. Anyway,

The tree clean up is done. Pleanty of more stuff to do around here though.


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