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Monday, September 20, 2004


My second blog. Been home from work long enough to have had a grilled pork chop and a shower. Next up for the evening is Monday Night Football. Yeah, they say the ratings numbers are down on MNF, but I remember it from its hey day. Watching Dandy Don, Howard and Frank with my Dad eating popcorn. Very nice.

Cut down a large dead tree in the front yard Saturday, but it just going to have to lay there. Like I said, had a shower and supper already. Brain dead from work anyway. Not to be confused with a bad day at work, but just brain fried. Some manuel labor would probably be a good thing, but like I said, (twice now,) had supper and a shower. And only an hour away from Monday Night Football. Forget the tree.

Dang, the phone just rang and I got to run back to work long enough to unlock the gate and let some guys from our Ok. terminal in. Guess I better shed my pjs. Later.


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