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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The library

Well, here I set in the library, looking up info on how to reformat a hard drive. Yep, our computer is brain dead. I "Fdisked" it last night. Up till 1:00 AM trying to bring it back to life. By the way, I think "FDISK" may have two definitions. A beautiful fall Saturday morning and I have been in front of a computer screen all morning. But ya gotta have the computer!

So, dropped the wifes van off at the glass shop to get the mirror fixed and walked to the library. Pretty quiet in here this morning. I thought I would be lucky to get one of the internet computers, but no problem.

The library. Pretty good place to people watch. Everything from scholars to the homeless. The guy on the computer left of me is playing a crossword puzzle. The guy on the right is watching video clips. Internet. Work, play, communicate.

About had enough of this for one day. The mirror should be about ready, and my eyes are crossing from so much screen time. Later.


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